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About Us

About Tourism Cares

Mike Rea and Bruce Beckham

I am here to change myself and to change the world – thank you for joining me, for that is the business of Tourism Cares!

I believe two of the most powerful forces for transformation, of both an individual and place, are travel and philanthropy. Someone getting to know me during my first weeks called out my hyperbole! I countered with the Global Semester abroad offered by St. Olaf College, which shrank my world and launched lifelong passions. With my study of the anthropology of tourism at UC Berkeley.

I mentioned philanthropic experiences from another organization I led,, and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. I showed a video from an afternoon volunteering at a Seattle food bank with my six year-old.

Now, how powerful can these forces be together? I know from my tsunami aid retrospective in Sri Lanka, And I felt it from so many of you at the remarkable Tourism Cares event last May at Coney Island.

I am honored to join this Tourism Cares team and all of you. We will rededicate ourselves to making a difference in so many lives – in the traveler, the professional, and those in our special places, especially those at-risk.

Get involved with our work in Miami in May 2014 and other future projects. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. And stay tuned as we explore the power of travel and philanthropy together.


Mike Rea

CEO & President

Check out more about the Tourism Cares strategy refresh in Travel Market Report.

About Tourism Cares

Tourism Cares preserves and enhances the travel experience for future generations. We channel the philanthropic passion and commitment of the travel industry to protect and restore valuable destinations we all care about—and to support those destinations as engines for prosperity, civil society, and pride in their communities. Our domestic programs focus on industry-wide volunteer events, capacity building for the nonprofit stewards of tourism sites, and scholarships and mentoring to support a talented workforce.  Globally, our efforts include corporate social responsibility partnerships, strategic investments, and advocacy and education across the travel industry. 


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